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** Shipping is available for mounted and unmounted Staghorns. **
Unmounted staghorns (as shown below) are available for $25.00 plus shipping & handling. They are shipped with the moss needed to start them. These are much easier and less expensive to ship.
(Click photo for larger image.)
How To Order:
  1. Decide on one or more of the mounted staghorns below or place a order for a unmounted start.
  2. Email LindaTooWearne@gmail.com providing the number(s) displayed in the pictures and your shipping address.
  3. We will reply with shipping & handling costs.
  4. You reply confirming your desire to purchase one or more staghorns.
  5. We email you a PayPal invoice.
  6. You make the payment.
  7. We ship your plant on the following Tuesday and email you the shipping details.
The following pictures were taken in February of 2018 and are continuing to grow and form larger shields and antlers. If you want to know more about any of the plants in the gallery (number of plants, number pups, length of antlers) we can e-mail that information to you upon request.
(Click photos for larger image.)
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503-709-7672 Technical Description
email: LindaTooWearne@gmail.com