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** Shipping is available for mounted and unmounted Staghorns. **
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We are a small family nursery, not a large production nursery. We offer quality staghorn (elkhorn) fern plants and starts. We have grown these unique tropical plants in a much cooler climate then normal and have been very successful at it. We want to share our success and enthusiasm for this beautiful plant with others.
Staghorn ferns are unusual plants with their shapes and growth habits. Their leaves resemble the antlers of deer or elk. They can live for decades and can be divided and handed down for many years. They are tropical plants and are rare here in the Northwest, but we have been very successful growing them here. We get great joy attaching Staghorns to interesting pieces of wood that enhance their beauty. We also offer them unmounted. They are divisions that will be mature enough so that they will grow and multiply. We ship with moss for mounting or placing in a hanging container.
We show and sell our mounted and unmounted Staghorns by appointment or via mail. Email us at LindaTooWearne@gmail.com or call 503-709-7672. Stroll through our gallery to see some of the wonderful plants we have available.

For more information about the care of these ferns, click here.

For a more scientific description of these ferns, click here.

We also offer winter over service for our local client's Staghorns.


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503-709-7672 Technical Description
email: LindaTooWearne@gmail.com